Favourite song with Solistate::

"Nilofar". This is a very special song for

me. I began writing this song severals

years back and it didn't became complete

until I introduced the song to the band.

The song for me isn't just about the love for

the woman in the song, it's also about the

friendship in the band that made the song








First concert that you remember going to::

My first major concert I attended at was to

see Europe at Sweden Rock Festival 2004.

I had just graduated from school and a

couple of friends and I went down to the

festival just to see Europe.


First CD you ever bought::

My first CD was "Ring" by the The Connells.

I had heard the song '74-'75 on the radio a

few times and totaly loved it. I think I was

around 8 or 9 years old then. A few years

later my sister found the album in a music

catalog, so I bought it.


Musical inspiration::

Once again I have to blame it on my

sister. She had a greatest hits album

with Europe and more than often the

record ended up in my room. And one day

her patience was gone, she told me to return

it or buy it from her. Since that day my biggest

influence in music has always been Europe.

Later on many other artists such as Toto,

The Police, Scorpions, Foreigner,

Katie Melua and many others have given me

a lot of inspiration.








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