First concert that you remember going to::

The first show that I went to was the musical 'Sound of Music'.

I already knew the songs by heart (cause I´ve always been

such a musical geek). Sitting there in the audience made me

long to get up on that stage, dance around and sing my heart out.


First CD you ever bought::

I had just heard 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen at a concert in school and had falled

in love completley. By a quite incident I was on a boot sale with my parents and was

extremeley boored. So I started to dig in a box with CD´s and all of a suddden I found

a Greatest hits album with Queen and the song 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. I remember how

my hands trembled when I picked up the CD and couldn´t belive my luck.


Musical inspiration::

Queen is, and have for a lot of years, been a big inspiration for me. Their music is without

limits and they managed to combine pop with opera and still keep their rock n roll feeling


Favourite song with Solistate::

Picking a song should be like choosing which one of your friends you like the most. It depends

a lot on what kind of mood I´m and what I feel I need right there and then





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